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Aircraft oils

  • AMG-10 is used in hydraulic systems of aircraft and as ground equipment, operating in -60°С to +55°С operating temperature range.
  • MS-8p is used in gas-turbine aircraft engines with outlet temperature of oil up to 150°C (civil aircraft II-62, Il-76, Il-86, Tu-134, Tu-154 and Yak-40, military aircraft MiG-21, Su-15 and Su-25, helicopters Mi-6 and Mi-7). It is used in oil compounds in turboprop engines (An-12, An-30, An-32 and Il-18), and for preserving aeroengine lubrication systems. Besides, MS-8p is used in marine (ship), gas-compressor plant and power plant gas-turbine engines.
  • MS-8rk is working preservation oil on the basis of MS-8p with corrosion inhibitor. It is intended for lubrication and preservation of aircraft engines. In comparison with MS-8p, it has the same operation characteristics but its preservation characteristics are much higher. When preserving aeroengine lubrication systems, the protection period is 3 months for MK-8, 1 year for MS-8p and 4-8 years for MS-8rk.
  • MS-20 is used in aircraft piston engines, gas turbine engines, helicopter gear cases, as well as an oil-blend component: lubricating systems of aircraft turbo-prop engines, feathering hinges of helicopter rotor heads, engine compressors of gas compressor units,speed governors of diesel engines with self-contained oil systems and crankcases.
  • SM-4,5 is used in aircrafts with turbo-prop engines such as AI-20 (An-12 and Il-18) and AI-24 (An-24, An-26, An-30 and An-32).
  • KA-7,5 Characteristics of oil KA-7,5 afford its application for turboshaft engines and gearboxes of helicopters instead of oils B-3V and LZ-240 (or imported analogue - Turbonycoil-98).

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