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Kvatitet-Avia attended International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HELIRUSSIA-2017

Kvatitet-Avia attended International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HELIRUSSIA-2017, the largest expo in Europe and North Asia. It took place in "Crocus Expo", 24 – 26, May, 2017. Kvalitet-Avia presented the products and organized meetings with local and foreign partners.

Our additives are intended to improve base oil characteristics, to suppress unwanted processes while in operation, to provide required oil service life and to give such properties that protect engines from premature wear.
Additive packages helps the manufacturer to optimize the deliveries and storage of components, simplify the production technology by blending of additive packages with base oil.
Ensure the stability of caoutchoucs during processing and further operation. For use in compounding of tire tread as a dispersant of carbon and silica fillers.
Flotation reagents
new category
New category
Floatation agents are used during floatation for enrichment of ores of nonferrous and rare metals.
Hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil, promocyjne oil for gasoline and diesel automotive equipment, aviation oil.
Oils new categories have wide application in different industries.

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